LFE remains a family owned and managed winery, with two generations actively involved in keeping the brand synonymous with quality and traditional family values.

SINCE 1976


In 1976, Luis Felipe Edwards Sr and his wife returned to Chile looking for new opportunities after having lived in Europe for some years. They were enamoured by a wine estate in Colchagua Valley, for sale by a family friend, which had 60 ha of planted vineyards, a small winery, and a historical country farmhouse. This property was surrounded by foothills of the Andes mountains, creating a micro-valley of its own in a horseshoe shape, facing northwest. With careful consideration, they purchased the land, along with the surrounding hills.

This estate, Fundo San Jose de Puquillay, was the foundation for what would become one of Chile’s largest wineries in the decades to come, committing to maintaining their family heritage.

In 1980, they expand their land holdings and purchase 30 more ha in the Colchagua Valley.

Luis Felipe dedicated most of the 80’s to increasing his vineyard holdings and establishing his agricultural roots.

He purchased an additional 185 ha of vineyards in Colchagua, selling the produced wine in bulk, studying his vineyards and resulting wines, and cultivating different fruits for export.

The 90’s were a turning point for LFE wines. Seeing the potential for Chilean wine in the export market, and recognizing the quality of the wines which were being produced from his estate grapes, Luis Felipe decided to bottle his wine and sell under his own brand- using his own name as a seal of quality on each bottle.

He made the first of what would be many expansions and modernizations to the existing winery, and in 1995 released the first bottles of Viña Luis Felipe Edwards wine- a Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

In the 2000’s LFE is becoming an increasingly important player in the exportation of Chilean wines. Luis Felipe Edwards Jr takes on the role of General Manager, and all director positions are held by members of the family.

Focusing on preserving the quality of his wines and diversifying his portfolio, Luis Felipe explores new terroirs- purchasing an estate in the coastal Leyda Valleys and embarking on an unprecedented project in the surrounding mountains of his estate- 134 hectares of vineyards planted in altitudes reaching up to 900 m.a.s.l.

Meanwhile, at the original estate, a modern bottling plant is constructed, along with an additional wine cellar.

Since 2010, LFE has grown exponentially. Increasing vineyard plantings, winery and bottling capabilities to keep up with demand and to prepare for target volumes to come. Vineyard expansions include the acquisition of land and planting of vines in strategic winegrowing regions for premium wine grapes, such as Maule, Colchagua Coast and Leyda. In the latter, we established our second estate in the region, named «Atalaya», which is located even closer to the Pacific Ocean (just 2.5 km) and is focused on producing high end Sauvignon Blanc. LFE wines are still crafted at the same estate, which has 3 wine cellars, each personalized with the optimal technology to produce wines based on their quality tier. Our bottling lines are some of the most modern that can be found in Chile, with aggressive investments to assure the quality of our final product.
Today, LFE keeps growing as a solid market leader in sales and volume, and has been awarded with impressive accolades in hundreds of wine competitions all over the world. LFE’s coastal wine project in Leyda Valley continues to flourish, while the acquisition of land in Maule and in the Coast of Colchagua are already a reality. In the latter, the vineyards in our family estate “La Quesería de Nilahue” (718 ha.) thrive, allowing us to produce unique white and red wines from cooler climates, thanks to the ideal conditions due to its location 30 km from the coast. Our wines are crafted with a strong focus on technology and quality, never leaving aside the needs of the market and our partners. LFE is now within the top 5 largest wineries in Chile in volume and sales, and can be found in over 100 countries around the globe.


Our mission is to be the leading source of Chilean wine across categories, delivering the highest quality wines at the best prices, for our customers around the world. LFE remain a family owned company, committed to innovation, sustainability and biodiversity, reflecting our family values and traditions in every bottle.