LFE remains a family owned and managed winery, with two generations actively involved in keeping the brand synonymous with quality and traditional family values.

Our Story


In 1976, Luis Felipe Edwards Sr and his wife purchase Fundo San Jose de Puquillay in Colchagua Valley, the foundation for what would become one of Chile’s largest wineries in the decades to come, committing to preserving their family heritage through the years.  In 1980, they purchase an additional 30 ha in Colchagua.

Our Story


Luis Felipe dedicated most of the 80’s to increasing vineyard holdings and establishing the family’s agricultural roots, purchasing an additional 185 ha of vineyards in Colchagua. During this time, he produced wine in bulk to sell to other wineries and cultivated fruits for export around the world.

Our Story


In the 90’s Luis Felipe made the first of what would be many expansions and modernizations to the existing winery and started to bottle his wine, using his own name, a personal compromise to the quality, on each bottle. 1994 was the first vintage of Viña Luis Felipe Edwards wine.

Our Story


In the 2000’s Luis Felipe Edwards Jr joined as GM, and all director positions were filled by the family. They experimented with “extreme winemaking”- planting vineyards in Leyda- 8km from the coast and in Colchagua- in altitudes up to 900 m.a.s.l. A modern bottling plant and an additional wine cellar were constructed.

Our Story


Since 2010, LFE has grown exponentially- now within the top 5 wineries of Chile, with distribution in 100+ countries. Vineyards total 1.800 planted ha in Colchagua, Leyda and Maule. Cellars and bottling lines are located at the original estate, constructed with some of the most modern technology in the industry.


Our mission is to be the leading source of Chilean wine across categories, delivering the highest quality wines at the best prices, for our customers around the world. LFE will remain a family owned company, committed to innovation and sustainability, with our family values and traditions reflected in every bottle.